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This wiki is a "fork" from /r/linux_gaming wiki with the intention to make an open, standard type of wiki that gathers all information, tutorials and tweaks to help with gaming on Linux. Please feel free to contribute, this wiki needs it to gain traction.


Getting started

Running games

  • Lutris - The most important launcher. Big library of scripts to help you install many games. Runs basically everything.
  • Heroic - Launcher to run games from Epic and GOG.
  • Steam - The best way to install games from Steam.
  • Bottles - Run games and other programs that don't have a good install script.



  • Improving performance - What to do if you get less FPS, more input lag, or more stuttering than on Windows.
  • FSR - AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. A technique to get significantly more performance in GPU limited games.
  • Gamemode - Tool to improve performance.
  • Compositor - Makes your desktop look nice, but costs 30% performance in games.
  • CoreCtrl - Tool to control CPU and GPU. Especially interesting if you have an AMD GPU.
  • Hardware video acceleration in Web browsers - Information on enabling hardware video acceleration in web browsers.




  • Terminal - The scary black thing with text. How to use it without messing up your computer.
  • Common tweaks - How to disable mouse acceleration (and more - to be done).
  • Misc - Various stuff that doesn't (yet) deserve an own article but might be useful.
  • Windows Compatibility - How to run Windows programs
  • Desktop Environment - The interface of your system. You can change it!

Getting Tech Support

Generally, the first port of call for problems that you may encounter is the dedicated support (forums, IRC, knowledgebases etc) provided by the Linux distribution that you're using. You can also ask for help in the Weekly Tech Support Thread that's pinned to the top of /r/linux_gaming. The relevant distro subreddit may also be useful - the popular ones can be found on the /r/linux sidebar. If the problem is a game-specific one, then searching out support from the game's website, subreddit, or Steam community hub may be of help. Otherwise, you may find the following links of use:

  • /r/LinuxQuestions - general Linux support subreddit
  • /r/Linux4Noobs - subreddit providing Linux support that is "explicitly noob-friendly"
  • /r/techsupport - large multi-OS support subreddit
  • - very well established general support site for Linux
  • Tech Forum - All Linux gaming related tech help topics accepted
  • Official Steam for Linux bug tracker - searching for issues posted on Steam or games on Steam may provide solutions
  • ProtonDB - user reports on Proton/Steam Play game compatibility, often with comments regarding necessary tweaks
  • Official Proton bug tracker - generally every Proton game is kept track of in its own issue report, so see if your game already has one and only create a new report if one doesn't exist
  • Feral Interactive - for support on any games that have been ported/published by Feral Interactive
  • Wine Database - holds support information for games that can be run through Wine
  • Wine Forums - for support on games run through Wine that may not be covered in the Database

External Links

Lists of sites that may be of interest or help to people interested in Linux gaming. All the of the information held within these sites is the responsibility of their respective owners.


Linux Game databases

Linux Game Stores

  • The Feral Store
  • - contains downloadable Linux binaries, but launcher (GOG Galaxy) is not available for Linux
  • PCGamingWiki's list of Humble Store Games - lists games available through Humble Store widgets
  • - provides many indie games and game assets via it's Linux native app or website.
  • Indiegala
  • IndieGameStand Store
  • Steam - requires Steam client to install / run games

Steam Specific

Linux Gaming Sites

Miscellaneous Sites

  • DOSBox - application to enable running old DOS games
  • ScummVM - another application which allows running various old games, but unlike DOSBox it natively reimplements their engines.
  • Lutris - an open gaming platform for Linux. Manages all your native, WINE, and emulated games in one place.
  • PlayOnLinux - application to make installation and running of games through Wine easier
  • Flathub - the default repository of Flatpak, a cross-platform package manager
  • OS Game Clones - open source remakes of classics
  • Arch Wiki - a high quality, well maintained source for information on Arch Linux, as well as applications available for it. Most information also applies to other distributions.

Outdated pages in this wiki (please update them)

The following pages are heavily outdated. You should probably look somewhere else to get information. If you have the knowledge, please feel free to update them.

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