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Reshade lets you apply extra shaders. While it's theoretically possible to do this with vkBasalt, it's not yet fully working. You might also want to use some mods that are written for reshade.

How to install


You can use this script. Note, that executing external scripts is a security risk. You should always read and understand the content of the script before executing it.


This page needs work, for the following reason(s): dll name for dx12 is missing.
  • Get the architecture of your application. If you don't know it, run file /path/to/your/game.exe. The output will either contain x86-64 (64 bit) or 80386 (32 bit).
  • Install d3dcompiler_47 (for example with winetricks or protontricks).
  • Download the latest version of Reshade: (alternatively download this older version, it should work:
  • Move it to some folder, and extract with 7zip:
    • 7z e ReShade_Setup_x.y.z.exe (modify x y and z according to the version you downloaded, for example 7z e ReShade_Setup_4.9.1.exe for Reshade version 4.9.1)
    • Take ReShade64.dll or ReShade32.dll based on whether your game is 32 or 64 bit, and rename it to
      • d3d9.dll if your game uses Directx9 (this is more likely for older games)
      • dxgi.dll if your game uses Directx11 (this is more likely for newer games)
  • Set dll override in winecfg, for example with Lutris:
    • Open Lutris, click your game, on the bottom, click the up-arrow right next to the wine bottle icon, click Wine configuration, click Libraries, insert the name of the dll (without the .dll) in the text box under New override for library:
      • Depending on whether your game uses DX9 or DX11:
        • d3d9 for DX9
        • dxgi for DX11
      • select it in the list, click Edit and select native (Windows)
  • Get the shaders and textures: git clone and copy the folders Shaders and Textures into the folder where your game executable is in.
  • Run your application
  • Open Reshade (by pressing home or Pos1)
  • Open settings tab, and add the path ./Shaders for shaders and ./Textures for textures.

References and notes