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Heroic is an open-source game launcher that primarily supports launching games from the Epic Games Store by leveraging Legendary CLI tool. Heroic aims to be an easy-to-use game launcher with features like a per-game Wine prefix with the ability to easily switch between Wine versions.

Heroic Games Launcher is built upon Electron and uses Legendary to interact with Epic Games Services.


Before installing Heroic it is recommended that you have a working installation of Wine and winetricks on your system.

All installation methods for Heroic are listed on their GitHub

You can find a suitable installation file for your distro at their GitHub Releases section here

Arch, Manjaro, Garuda, and other Arch based distributions

Install it from the AUR, for example using Pamac:

Alternatively you can use an AUR helper of your choice, for example paru, or yay:

  • paru -S heroic-games-launcher-bin
  • yay -S heroic-games-launcher-bin

Debian, Ubuntu and Derivatives such as Pop!_OS

Download the heroic_x.x.x_amd64.deb from the GitHub Releases section. If your OS supports this, you can simply double click the downloaded .deb file to begin the installation.

Otherwise, you can install it via dpkg by bringing up a terminal and running the following command

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/heroic_x.x.x_amd64.deb

Note: amd64 here refers to system architecture which this package supports. Make sure that your system is compatible with the program you are trying to install.

Using AppImage

Download the heroic-x.x.x.AppImage from the GitHub Releases section. Make sure you have curl and gawk installed, normally it comes installed in most distros.

Make AppImage executable by changing its file properties.

Marking file as executable

Or You can do the same using terminal

chmod u+x heroic-x.x.x.AppImage

Now you can run the Heroic AppImage.

Using Flatpak

Heroic can be installed via Flatpak with app stores such as Discover and Pop!_Shop.

Installing and importing games

Installing games is as easy as going to the library and selecting a game that you want to play. If you have already downloaded the game and you just want to import it then press on Import Game otherwise press Install to start installation in the specified folder.

Game installation popup

File locations

Click your game, and click on Installed Information. There you see InstallPath and WinePrefix. InstallPath is where your game files are located, WinePrefix resembles a Windows file system, so if your save games would be stored inside the Documents folder on Windows, this is where to look for them.

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