Installing dlls

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With winetricks or protontricks

Open Winetricks or Protontricks -> select default wineprefix -> install dll -> select the dll you want to install, click ok.


Download the dll. You can either download it from some website, or you can download an exe that contains it. If you downloaded an exe, extract the dll with 7zip: 7z e some_program.exe

Copy the dll in the game folder, and set a dll override for it.

DLL overrides

More info on winehq.

The game can either use native dlls that come with the game, or use builtin dlls that come with wine. It (sometimes?/usually?) uses only the builtin dlls.

On Windows, the game would do it the other way around, and first use all dlls in the game directory, and only if the dll is not there, look somewhere else.

Now if you put a different dll from a mod inside the game directory, this will not (not always?) work.

That's why you have to tell wine, that it should use the dll from the mod.


For example, if you want to tell wine to use the d3dcompiler_47.dll that's in your game folder, and only use the builtin dll if it can't find any dll in the game folder, you would do the following:

Open Lutris, click your game, on the bottom, click the up-arrow right next to the wine bottle icon, click Wine configuration, click Libraries, and

  • insert the name of the dll (without the .dll) d3dcompiler_47 in the text box under New override for library.
  • select it in the list, click Edit and select native, then builtin

Alternatively, you could also set WINEDLLOVERRIDES="d3dcompiler_47=n,b" as an environment variable.