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Your game doesn't work? Here is a list of things to try:

  • Try another wine version. Wine-GE often works. Other options are Wine-TKG, and Caffe. (For Steam: another Proton version, for example Proton-GE). Using older versions can also help.
  • Search the internet for a solution (for example with SearXNG, duckduckgo, etc.). Also look in this wiki.
  • Try fiddling with options. If you use Lutris, there might be options that are not optimal. For example, it could be necessary to disable or enable things like virtual desktop, esync, fsync, or others.
  • Try Bottles.
  • Use a fresh wine prefix. You can copy, move, or symlink the game files to your new prefix if you don't want to download everything again. You can either use your file manager or the terminal.
  • If the game is launched from a launcher (like BattleNet, Origin, EOS, etc.) and that launcher doesn't work well, it might be possible to run the game .exe directly. Just change the executable that is launched, and see if that works.
  • Start your launcher (Lutris, Bottles, Steam, Heroic, ...) or your game from the terminal, and look at the output. It might contain error messages.
  • Your game might be protected by AntiCheat. You can look for compatibility here. If this is the case, you can try to use a VM. However, this might not work either, and could even be considered cheating!
  • Use a VM with GPU-Passthrough (vfio) to play your game.
  • If a window is blank, or writing looks weird, try installing corefonts with winetricks.
  • Try installing dotnet or visual C++ with winetricks. Try different versions. Older games might need older versions.